Frequently asked Questions

We like to think of everything, so you don’t have to

  • How far is the nearest town?
    The large town of Cahors is 30 minutes drive from all locations
  • Is there a local market?

    Yes, all villages have a fresh produce market but the best ones for Pagel are: Cazals on a Sunday, Catus on a Tuesday, Cahors on a Wednesday and Saturday and Prayssac has a fabulous market on a Friday.
    Cahors is the largest and the very best experience. All markets are open 8.30 to 12 and have local fresh food and produce and Cahors market has some china, clothes and alternative stalls.

  • Are there restaurants nearby?
    Yes, we have at least 5 good restaurants that are within 15 minutes drive.
  • Can you get a good supply of baby food and items?
    Yes, all large supermarkets have a great range of all you might need and the French have a great supply of baby food.
  • Are Soya products available?
    Yes, in all large supermarkets.
  • Do you supply some arrival essentials?
    Yes, on arrival we always supply a Bronze welcome basket with bread, crossiants, tea, coffee, milk and jam and we also give you a starter set with some dishwasher tablets, bin bags, toilet rolls, a new kitchen sponge and fairy liquid. Cleaning solutions are always in the gites.
  • Can we get babysitters?
    Yes, we organise English speaking baby sitters for you who are dedicated to only your gite and children.
  • Are local taxis good?
    No, I am afraid we are quite rural and taxi cabs as we know them do not run a regular service. We are able to book with lots of notice but it is quite expensive, a 15 minute journey can set you back 40 Euros.
  • Is the pool really salty?
    No not at all, you can taste a very slight salty taste but hardly at all, it is NOT sea water, it is just a process done with the water to avoid using chlorine and it stops skin irritation and sore eyes so perfect for little ones.
  • Is the pool safe? Can my children run and play?
    The pool is separately fenced to the rest of the grounds and has a self closing gate – but it is always essential to double check it has closed properly.
  • How many families are on site?

    We only ever have a maximum of 9 families on site at Pagel  to ensure there are enough friends to play with but not so many people that you feel like you are in a complex.

    There are a maximum of two families at Mas Sarrat

  • Is there help on site?

    Pagel: Yes, there is daily English assistance from around 8.30am to 10.30am, this person is in the office to help you with questions, restaurant bookings, baby sitter bookings, days out advice, dentist/doctor appointments and much more.

    Mas Sarrat: daily assistance

  • Are we welcomed and shown to our gite?
    Yes, after a day travelling with children we have someone on site to show you to your gite and explain everything to you before 7pm , this helps us ensure that all is exactly as you need to have the very best start to your holiday. If you are later a key will be in the door and you will see the site manager the very next morning.
  • Am I contacted before the holiday if I have questions?
    Yes indeed, in the week before your holiday either Marie,Mark or Fiona will call you personally to check that all we have listed as your requirements for the gites and for your little ones is correct as this is then communicated to thesite to make sure that when you arrive everything is perfect. This conversation also allows for you to ask any questions you might have regarding to travelling to France with children, essential if this is your first trip abroad.
  • Is there a washing machine and tumble dryer on site?

    Yes both are in the laundry room at Pagel

    Washing machines only at Mas Sarrat

  • Is there WIFI on site?
    Yes all locations/properties have wifi connection however at times this can be temperamental due to our rural location.
  • Do you have baby monitors?
    Yes we can provide these and many other baby items on site.
  • How far from Calais/Dieppe are you?
    Approximately 10 hours drive from Calais (530 miles)by car with 2 twenty minute stops.
    Only nine hours drive from Dieppe with stops. (See our getting here page)
  • Do the hire companies from your local airports offer car seats?
    Yes, all the major Hire companies do but it is advisable to confirm requirements on booking.
  • How far is the nearest airport?
    1.5 hours (Toulouse and Bergerac)  a new airport has opened near Brive  which is only 1 hour. Then there is Limoge, Carcossonne and Rodez all within a 2 hour drive.
  • How far from the beach?
    The South coast and West coast is 3 hours drive but we do have a beach in our village next to the lake with a sandy beach and play area with a cafeteria and tennis courts.
  • How far are the local shops?

    All locations are within 15 minutes drive of each other.

    For Pagel they are in Catus 1.5 miles away in the valley and Cahors is our local town with the large supermarkets which is 25 minutes drive.

    For Mas Sarrat there is a little bar that sells bread and croissants a short walk away and for a larger village there is Cazals about fifteen minutes drive away with a great Sunday market and Auberge