Gîtes entièrement équipées

Notre site principal vous propose sept gîtes entièrement équipées et adaptés aux enfants. Nous proposons également deux lodges de glamping aménagés de Safari. Chaque logement a été choisi pour des familles avec de jeunes ou grands enfants donc tout donc vous avez besoin sera sur place, tel que des lits de bébés en bois, des chaises-hautes, stérilisateurs pour biberon, mixeurs, tapis de change, marchepied, moniteurs pour bébés, des baby gym, des chariots de marche, Bumbo rehausseur, poussettes, pot d’apprentissage, ainsi que beaucoup de jeux adaptés à leur âge. Cliquez sur chaque gîte individuellement pour regarder sa vidéo ou pour obtenir plus d’informations.

Pagel est un site de 2 hectares qui se trouve en pleine campagne dans le département du Lot, près de sa capitale, Cahors. La sécurité est une chose essentielle chez nous ; il s’agit même de notre priorité. Notre site est entièrement clôturé avec des clôtures de sécurité autour de la piscine. Chaque gîte possède des vues magnifiques et peut accueillir jusqu’à 6 personnes ; et ont des terrasses privées pour manger, boire, et se détendre le soir. Nos gîtes ont été rénovés afin de fournir une espace détente pour adultes mais tout en pensant aux besoins de vos petits trésors. Enfin, des vacances dans le Sud de la France qui répond à vos critères et à ceux des enfants.

Self catering accommodation in Pagel

Ceci est notre site principal avec 7 gîtes et 2 lodges près de la ville de Cahors. Regardez notre vidéo aérien du site ci-dessous ou cliquez sur chaque gîte individuellement pour obtenir plus de renseignements, images et vidéos.

The Winegrower’s House

£1150 – £1880 per week


4 plus a cot
£990 – £1610

Upper Wildwood

5 plus a cot
£990 – £1710

Lower Wildwood

6 plus a cot
£990 – £1710
Lower Sunset

Lower Sunset

5 plus a cot
£990 – £1710
Upper Sunset

Upper Sunset

5 plus a cot
£990 – £1710


4 plus a cot
£990 – £1610
Moomba Elephant Lodge

Glamping at Moomba Lodge Elephant

4/5 comfortably plus a cot
£990 – £1490
Hippo Lodge

Glamping at Moomba Lodge Hippo

4/5 comfortably plus a cot
£990 – £1490

Self catering accommodation in Mas Sarrat

Pagel Mas Sarrat est le deuxième site adapté aux enfants. Regardez notre vidéo aérien ci-dessous ou cliquez sur les gîtes individuels pour obtenir plus d’informations.

Willow Cottage

6 plus a cot
£990 – £1670

Thyme Cottage

6 plus a cot
£990 – £1670

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Read our reviews

Amazing holiday for young families
We have spent 8 weeks travelling through Europe and this has been one of our highlights. They had everything we needed for our family. My daughter loved the kids club and the letting her be free to explore the area knowing it was safe was a perfect break for us.
What a Magical Time We Had at Pagel!

 From the moment we walked into Goldilocks Cottage and our five year old met three absolutely huge teddy bears – Mummy, Daddy and Baby Bear, of course – and then found her own room styled perfectly for kids and filled with books and toys, we felt we were in for some kind of fairy tale holiday.

Michelle, Rob and Fini aged 5
A Holiday We Will Never Forget

We have just got back from the most magical holiday here at Pagel!…A holiday we will never forget, no stone unturned and nothing too much to ask for! What a place….what a team!

Rachel Bullen, May 2018
A Hidden Gem

There being six of us, we were in the largest gite, The Winegrower’s House (3 bedrooms), and as soon as we walked up to our rooms to unpack, Siena (7) shrieked ‘I love it!’ – on each of the children’s beds was a bag of books and toys with their names on, and a costume for them to dress up in. In fact there were books and toys all over the place, to such an extent that they spent the entire week without even noticing that there was no TV!

All in all, Pagel is an absolute gem, unlike anywhere I’ve been before, and I can guarantee you’ll want to go back.

Roger Manns
Paradise for Children

We had a beautiful holiday with our 3 year old and 5 month old. Pagel is set in stunning countryside and we loved driving around the local area and visiting villages, markets and the lake….Pagel itself completely lived up to our expectations. The children have such freedom, make friends and are totally entertained. Their philosophy of creativity, imagination and outdoor play is exactly what we wanted our son to experience on holiday. It was like he glimpsed the freedom and independence we had ourselves as children.

Perfect for Both Adults AND Kids

We loved our stay at Pagel. Everything is was so beautifully -thought through to make sure everyone had a great time. (My kids couldn’t wait for their installment of kids club each day!) The grounds and surroundings are beautiful.

Highly recommend.

The Stevenson Family
“One of the most relaxing holidays we have ever had”

The highlights here in Pagel were the Pirate ship, pool and the various play equipment around the site.  The kids had great fun with their imaginary games running around in a pack! We met some lovely families and were able to enjoy a few evenings together drinking wine while the children played.  One of the most relaxing holidays we have ever had and we are sure to return!

Kirstin, Jeremy, Nathan and Elsa
I am 6..and I would like to come back next year!

“I am 6 and my brother is 3.  I enjoyed playing outside swimming in the pool and panda club.   I would like to come back next year.  I am going to miss my friend Amelie.”

Isaac aged 6

Philippa, Lee, Isaac (6) and Marcus (3)
“There were tears from our boys as they said goodbye to their friends”

We have had a wonderful 2 weeks here in Pagel.  The weather was fab the first week and to be honest we didn’t venture out as the kids had such fun in the pool and running about.  Adults had a great time too…..

There were tears from our boys as they said goodbye to their friends….

All together it was a great 2 weeks as adults we got to chillax and have a few glasses of vino, safe in the knowledge that the kids were happy.

Kimberley, Kym, Tobias (6) and Austin (3)
“Who Knew a Holiday With 3 Kids Could be Relaxing?”

Who knew a holiday with 3 kids could be relaxing!! Kids loved running around making lots of friends.  Lovely families – organised a film night and teddy bear’s picnic….So sad to be leaving. Enjoyed every minute, the days just disappear.

The Fone Family - Amalia(7), Luca (5), Offilie (8 months)